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We offer career consultations to pupils, their parents and all those interested in South Moravia.

advisers. We offer courses and excursions. We support the sharing of the practice of school principals and teachers.

Services for schools, the public and companies are provided by JCMM.





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We offer career conselling to pupils, their parents and to others from the South Moravian region. We also facilitate courses and excursions. We support sharing experience among school directors and academic staff.

JCMM offers its qualified services to schools, general public and the business sector.


Our Services:


Free career counselling service for pupils from 14 years of age, their parents and the general public. Personal and online consultations with career counsellors take place at 4 different locations in the South Moravian Region or on-line.

The project is focused on career development of teachers and school managers and strives to reach favourable  a climate in the educational proces. Project activities contribute to the consolidation of career counselling at schools as a useful tool for the future succesful employment of graduates.

Special features of the project include preventive measures dealing with premature school leaving.

A well designed web-portal with a varied offer of courses and further education activities for the public and companies in the South Moravian Region. It contains a regularly updated list of development courses and retraining classes in all fields.

Help and support for teachers in finding companies that welcome primary and secondary school students and allow them to experience the real atmosphere of a production process. Educators can draw inspiration from various fields, such as technology, IT, services or from the fields of food and chemistry. All you have to do is click on the appropriate tab and find a suitable company that is close to you.


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